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Whats good people! Names Jayson Pyo aka “JayyCloud” trying to inspire through music.  From Hawaii but reside in Las Vegas. Been writing poetry and lyrics for as long as i can remember just to clear my head. Me and music, I’ve always had this love for it, simply because of its different styles and different ways to incorporate your story through your words. That aspect always spoke to me and made me want to pursue and explain my life and the situations that i feel everyone can relate to. I started making music to escape reality and knew it helped me in a way many people would not understand. See i lost my dad and instinctively I buried myself in work, worked 80-90 hours a week and lost my way with music only to be reconnected. Now I don’t consider myself a rapper but I’d like to think of myself as a musical artist portraying my life for others to connect and understand and hopefully motivate. Music is a blessing and I can gladly say it saved me, without music I don’t know where I would be. So if your heads ever in the sky and you wanna fly slide thru summit records don’t let dreams pass by. Welcome to Summit..

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