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Avid Soul


Wduuup all! Avid Soul aka sicky spittens born from NorCal raised in Vegas still knowing Here at Summit Records its been more of another home for me. CEO, and brother of mine; Jake, is as great of a producer as he is a person. Hes worked for all his hard earned equipment and i dont know anyone more accomplished, established and self driven than this man and the great company of Summit Records Studio. Here, you'll have the opportunity to express whats blessed! In all your own ways with professional assistance and creative minds alike all around the studio to help along with your projects. I've been writing since me and my cousin Moonstar first heard of G Unit.. then from there came our inspiration. Lil Tunechi. All 4 of us, including a few other childhood friends began producing rhythm and poetry when we were in the beginning of middle school back in '05. We all excersized the 4 elements of hip hop quite equally. I, myself, took it to another level of all 4 elements learning and understanding the roots and origins of each element as well as being able to provide some average to sweet bars, bombs, beatboxing, and breaking. Hip hop helped me understand other perspectives. Other lives lived and helped me become versatile in life. Hip hop saved us. So in conclusion, i dont consider myself as a rapper but more a hiphop artist in all. I express myself in all ways of the elements and will do my very best to provide my knowledge to new upcoming artists and do my best on providing great music! Welcome to Summit Recording Studios.. Now Lets make some Slaps

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