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What They’re Saying About Us

Young Hip Female

Part of running a studio is understanding your clientele and what it takes to make a song from start to finish. This is one of many reasons why I record myself; it helps me understand the needs of the artists I work with and how I would want my experience to be if were in their shoes.


Jacob Balsinger

Hip Hop Artist

"Started from the bottom now we here! That's a perfect quote for Summit Recording Studio. It started out nothing more than an after school through summer get together amongst some friends with similar interests. Now over the years, it has become something so much more. The amount of time and equipment invested in this studio shows dedication and serious effort, but the professionalism and experience of CEO and engineer Jacob aka Khaos alone is worth while. You wont be disappointed with quality and environment at Summit. If you're looking for a chill spot to record with good vibes, then look no further! Summit Recording Studio truly has it all!"


Dalton Falefitu

Hip Hop Artist

"Impeccable quality, outstanding service, and great communication. During this project I was hoping for someone to understand on which road and emotion I was bringing this too and at Summit Recording Studio they excelled. Very recommendable and highly qualified."


Jayson Pyo

Serious Man

"Summit Recording studio, what can I say? If you're looking for a professional, talented, and capable producer then look no further. If there's anything I've learned in the thirteen years working with Jacob, it's that there's no one more determined to hire for your future projects. From a lyricists standpoint he's a prodigy in the making from mixing, mastering, and producing beats there's no challenge he can't overcome. Especially when it comes to finding the right sound that suits you best and helping you hone it in. Professionalism and perfection derive at Summit Recording Studio when entrusting your lifes work with this man, especially with the equipment and tools at your disposal. Everything from the mics, soundboard, custom built computer and work station, you can rest assured your in good hands."


Chris Cadenas

Young Hip Female

"Here you'll have the opportunity to express whats blessed, in all your own ways with professional assistance and creative minds alike all around the studio to help along with your projects."

Avid Soul

Brandon Moreno

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